The general concept remains: at the snap of a finger it is possible to know a lot of so many things, so the importance of digital marketing is unmistakable. And also for this reason, it is decisive to know the trends for the new year, the same as saying, to know the paths you must follow to remain above the water line and always visible. Sell a product or provide a service.

Take for example, CyberController, Inc, a Phoenix SEO company that has been in business since 1995.  “I have seen trends, recessions, and market changes over the years and one thing always stays true, digital marketing grows faster in a bad economy.” Says Dean Schlenker CEO and President.  There are many opportunities for digital marketers, affiliates and entrepreneurs during these otherwise difficult times.


The use of chatbots like Drift has been growing exponentially in recent years. In fact, studies show that:

– In 2020, chatbots will be responsible for 85% of customer support;

– By 2022, chatbots will help companies save $ 8 billion a year;

– For companies, the biggest benefits are: 24-hour customer support (64%), instant answers (55%), and answers to simple questions (55%);


Businesses achieve success by containing one or more competitive advantages over the competition. Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to create a competitive advantage. Copying competitive innovations is easy.

Omni-channel presence

Many companies have risen to the top by focusing only on one marketing channel.

Nowadays, good channels are saturated quickly. The channels that work and bring good results to companies, quickly become saturated.

Companies, in order to survive and grow, stopped looking for “the perfect channel” and began to work in its omnichannel presence, progressively.


Today, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages to the point that the “default” way is to ignore them. Traditional marketing continues to lose its effectiveness.

According to a study, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a brand that offers a personalized experience.

When you go to a certain website, they know your behavior patterns and make personalized recommendations. This is one of the reasons why some companies are market leaders in their respective fields.



The growth of online content gives more and more power to the consumer.

Nowadays, consumers are independent and research everything they need to know before buying a product or service. They compare products, prices, and read reviews from other customers.

The focus, in 2020 and in the future, will be to provide an excellent consumer experience so that they become loyal customers.

And what creates an excellent consumer experience?

Efficiency; Convenience; Customization; Client support; Easy payment;

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been growing in recent years and is increasingly dominant in business.

In the future, it will play a crucial role in the functioning of companies, and we can already see several examples of this happening in large multinationals.

These robots can be rented at a lower price than hiring a person.

 Augmented Reality & Immersive Technologies

In terms of market share, experts predict that Augmented Reality will grow faster than Virtual Reality.

Brands increasingly use this technology to improve the consumer experience and increase sales.

With the rapid growth and popularity of Augmented Reality, we will see a large number of brands adopting this technology.

Voice search

Even if your brand is not yet ready to promote itself on smart speakers, it is extremely important that your content is optimized for voice searches.

People who use their voice to search, search differently. They use longer, conversational search terms.

So making the content conversational and answering questions directly can help you appear for more surveys done via voice.

More attention to social networks

E-mail communication is being used less and less and social networks are gaining ground. That said, much attention should be paid to social networks, which are increasingly important for business.

In this sense, greater emphasis should be placed on the tools that monitor these communication channels with customers. This will definitely be a trend for 2020.

Mobile-optimized landing pages

The improvements resulting from the expansion of 5G and the widespread use of wifi have made it mandatory to reduce the loading speed of the website. And that means, too, that the same care should be placed on your landing pages. Remember that the ideal loading time should be three seconds, so that going further could mean the loss of whoever wants to see your website. According to Apple & Google, mobile landing pages are a priority.

For any manager, change is part of the job and it is necessary to look at the present and the future in search of growth opportunities.